Top Workout for Women Who Want to Shed Belly Fat at Home + Video

If you have been enjoying the holiday season a bit more and you need to come back into shape ASAP, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, we will present the best workout for those who need to shed surplus fat, especially the one from the abdominal area. Remember, you cannot achieve positive results if you do not improve your diet simultaneously.

By doing the right changes, you increase the chances of having the body you have always dreamed of. You will finally wear that bikini and not pull in the belly! Cool, right?

5 Best Exercises to Burn Surplus Belly Fat

The workout consists of exercises that target the belly fat and enhance the burning process. You need not spend a small fortune on gym memberships or expensive equipments. You just need a good mat and a bit of free space in your home and you are ready to go.

After explaining each of the exercises, you can check out a video to see the exercise being performed in detail. Come on, let’s go!

  1. Rolling side plank

This exercise targets the abdominal muscles, as well as the ones in the lower back and hips. Begin in high plank position by keeping the hands directly under the shoulders and the fingers pointed forward. Now, drop the left knee to the ground and rotate your hip counter clockwise until the right hip is over the left and perpendicular to the floor. Elevate the right arm up while keeping the shoulders straight. Keep the right leg extended over the bent left leg. Now, begin to life the hips. Squeeze the glutes to maintain the body’s straight line, from shoulder to leg. Rotate the right arm slowly back to the ground and lift the left knee to go back to full plank. Repeat on the other side.

  2. Vertical leg crunch

Lie on your back and fold the hands underneath the neck. Lift the legs up and extend them perpendicularly to the floor. Keep the knees slightly bent. Squeeze the abs and slowly curl the upper body and lift the shoulders off of the mat. Keep the legs upwards and straight- avoid swaying them. Continue curling the body upwards by using your core-not the head. Keep the chip up. Once the shoulder blades are lifted, hold the pose for a second or two. Lower the upper body gradually and keep the legs steady. Repeat.

  3. Twisting crunch

Lie on the mat and bring the hands up by the ears and take the elbows out. Lift the feet off the floor and bend at the hips and knees with 90 degrees. Keep the thighs vertical and the shins parallel to the floor. Press the lower back into the floor and contract the abs to roll the upper spine up off the floor. Now, lower down on the floor by rolling the spine back down to the floor. Repeat the crunch and twist with the other side.

  4. Side crunch

Lie down on the back in a prone pose. Bend the knees to a 90-degree angle and put the feet flat on the mat. Extend the right arm and hand and put the palm down on the floor while the left hand is behind the head and the elbow out to the side. Drop the knees gradually to the right side and keep the legs together. Stack the knees and ankles. Keep the abs engaged and breathe out and curl the shoulders and torso off the ground. Bring the left elbow towards the knees while facing the ceiling. Be careful not to strain the neck. Breathe in and lower down the head and shoulders to the ground. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

  5. Bicycle crunch

While lying on the mat, keep the feet on the floor and the hands behind the head. Now, contract the core muscles and pull in the abdomen to balance the spine. While gently holding the head with the hands, pull the shoulders back and gradually elevate the knees to a 90-degree angle. Breathe out and begin imitating a bicycle pedal motion-bring one knee up towards the armpit while straightening the other one. Keep both legs higher than the hips. Rotate the torso to touch the elbow to the opposite knee. Do the same with the other side.




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