Oil Pulling- A Habit Which Can Transform Your Health?!

Have you heard about oil pulling? Do you practice it regularly or not? If you do not, you are definitely missing out a lot! This is an ancient Ayurvedic natural cure for detoxification and it can significantly better your oral health.

When you do oil pulling, you are using pure oils as agents to remove bad bacteria, fungus, and other harmful substances from the teeth, gums, oral cavity, and even the throat. Plus, it is completely natural and it involves no chemicals or unhealthy ingredients.

The Right Way to Do Oil Pulling

You will need cold pressed organic sesame or coconut oil. Put a tbsp of the oil into the mouth and begin swishing it around for 10 to15 minutes. Then, spit it out. For optimal results, alternate between the oils on a three- or four-day base.

What Happens when You Do Oil Pulling?

The oil mixes with your saliva and transforms it into a white and thin liquid. Now, the lipids from the oil start to remove the toxins from the saliva. As you continue swishing it in the mouth, it continues with the absorption of toxins and the oil will become white and thicker. This is when you need to spit it out.

Is Oil Pulling Really that Beneficial?

There are a lot of studies showing the benefits of oil pulling. According to one study, oil pulling with sesame oil can better the oral health and it may lower the amount of S. mutans amount in the teeth and saliva.

Scientists also believe that it is the power of the lipids that removes the bacteria and prevents it from sticking onto the walls of the oral cavity. This method may also elevate the saponification in the mouth and this soapy surrounding will detoxify the mouth thoroughly.

Oil pulling will help you strengthen the jaws and teeth, avert gum and mouth illnesses, decrease bad breath, avert and alleviate bleeding gums, stop dryness in the throat, lips, and mouth, and may even be of aid for TMJ treatment.

Oil Pulling Offers more than Optimal Oral Health?

According to Ayurvedic health practitioners, oil pulling is not just beneficial for the mouth and throat. In fact, it can be a powerful preventive method for a long list of other health issues, including migraines, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, arthritis, eczema, bronchitis, kidney problems, congested sinuses, poor vision, sleeplessness, body pain, hangover, allergy symptoms, etc.




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