The ‘Money Tree’ & Its Amazing Healing Power

Did you know that the money tree is often used to treat wounds, sore throat, joint ache, herpes, swelling, and hemorrhoids?  The money tree is actually a plant which you frequently see in homes and offices because it can survive with minimal care.

Many people who follow fen shui idolize this plant because it sprouts five leaves on one stem and five is a pivotal number in feng shui. Namely, according to feng shui, everything in the universe is made of 5 different elements, i.e. fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. It is considered to bring good luck and fortune to owners.

Also known as the jade plant, this succulent, which is native to Africa, has often been used as a natural remedy. Let us find out how…

The Healing Properties of Jade Plant

Many people use it as a beneficial cure for warts. The leaf needs to be cut open and the juice is applied topically onto the warts. When regularly applied, it can help remove the warts.

Moreover, in Africa, this plant is used to alleviate nausea, epilepsy, corns, diarrhea, and for a complete intestinal cleanse. Some types of the jade plant are used to relieve diabetes symptoms in China.

Many also recommend it for its positive impact on the mental health. It is also believed to help with herpes. Apply some of its juice topically with the help of a cotton ball onto the herpes. Repeat several times per day.

In case of sore throat, angina or tonsillitis, it can be of aid to gargle with a mixture of the jade plant juice and water.

If you struggle with joint ache, apply compresses with the juice from the jade plant. It is considered to help with the swelling, discomfort, and lower the ache.

Important to Note

For humans, the plant is non-toxic. However, always use it cautiously. If you use it for topical application, make sure you first start with smaller skin areas to test it first. Never use the plant on pets because it is toxic for dogs!

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the videos shown below and learn more about this amazing plant and what it has to offer:




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