Detox the Kidneys of Toxins, Diabetes, Asthma & Cholesterol with Okra

Also known as lady’s finger or Bhindi, okra is a flowering perennial which belongs to the Malvaceae family. It grows in warm temperatures and tropical regions. When the pods are almost mature, they are collected and ready for consumption. Okra is a nutritious plant, low on calories, and beneficial for the overall health and well-being.

It will supply your body with important nutrients, including vitamins A and C, folate, and fiber. Moreover, you will also get vitamins B and K, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and manganese. This veggie is also rich in important antioxidants and phytonutrients like lutein, beta-carotene, and xanthin.

If you still have doubts about whether to add this potent veggie to your diet or not, continue reading the article- we will present some of its best healing benefits!

The Amazing Health Advantages of Okra

  • Balances the blood sugar levels

Okra is a beneficial food to balance the blood sugar levels because of its properties similar to insulin. Namely, eugenol, a fiber present in this vegetable, lowers the absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract and prevents blood sugar spikes. This is therefore an excellent veggie for diabetics.

  • Lowers the risk of colon cancer

Being abundant in insoluble fiber, okra will help decrease your chance of colon cancer. Insoluble fiber is known to detoxify the intestinal tract and thus, minimizes the risk of cancer. Moreover, it also has a strong antioxidant power and it will help you keep the immunity strong.

  • Lowers bad cholesterol

Pectin is a soluble fiber present in okra. It has the capacity to stabilize the bad cholesterol and keep you safe from atherosclerosis.

  • Strengthens the immunity

Okra’s antioxidant power is an effective way to strengthen your immunity. Thanks to the minerals found in it, including magnesium, iron, calcium, and manganese, it will better your immunity and fight off free radicals.

  • Relieves asthma

As it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity, as well as abundance of vitamin C, okra can help avert asthma attacks in asthma sufferers.

  • Strengthens the bones

The vitamin K and folates in okra will boost your bone density. And, vitamin K is a pivotal nutrient for strong bones and for the prevention of osteoporosis.

  • Treats constipation

Being abundant in fiber, okra will help you boost the bulkiness of your stool and lubricate the large intestines and thus, minimize constipation. Because it contains laxative abilities, it will ease the bowel movements.

  • Lowers the chance for weight gain

Thanks to its low calorie count and richness in fiber, okra will maintain your satiety and prevent overeating. Plus, it contains important nutrients that will improve your overall health and prevent weight gain.

  • Cleanses the skin

As it is a fiber-rich vegetable, okra will help detoxify toxins from the body. Moreover, it contains vitamin C as well and thus, it can better the repair and rejuvenation of the skin and relieve skin problems like acne and sun damage.