All-Natural: A DIY Air Freshener Made with Baking Soda & Essential Oils

Taking into account that store-bought air fresheners are not the healthiest product out there, it is good to know that there are easy ways to make our all-natural fresheners. They are free of chemicals and will not harm us and our pets and pollute the air! They will leave your home smelling beautifully and remove all of the unpleasant odors instantly.

In today’s article, we will present an air freshener recipe which is not just great for the bathroom, but for other places you want to leave a pleasant aroma.

Before we go on to discover the recipe for this amazing DIY air freshener with baking soda, let us check out why the store-bought ones are never a good choice!

Why Store-Bought Air Fresheners Are not Good for Us?

A lot of the air fresheners you find in markets today are filled with phthalates. Unfortunately, these dangerous chemicals have been linked with birth defects, problems with reproduction, and hormonal imbalances.

And, they are not just commonly present in air fresheners, but other products we regularly use, including perfumes, nail polish, and children’s toys. The phthalates are released into the air and we inhale them or absorb them through our skin.

When they enter the blood, they can cause hormone changes and other health problems and encourage asthma and allergy symptoms.

Go Natural!

Knowing the negative effects of store-bought air fresheners, it is a good solution to reach for natural alternatives that we can make at home with ingredients we know. Here is what you will need for the preparation of the air freshener:

One jar with a lid

An empty candle container

A fork

A hammer

A screwdriver

Essential oils of your choice

Baking soda

Preparation: Check out the video below to learn 2 distinct ways in which you can make your healthy air freshener with baking soda!




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