Treat Kidney Stones Naturally with this DIY Ginger & Turmeric Tea

Have you been struggling with kidney stones and want to treat them naturally? Do you want to learn all-natural and easy ways to lower your risk of kidney stones? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you definitely need to stick around with us!

We will present one of the most potent natural remedies for kidney stones, i.e. ginger and turmeric tea. Both of these ingredients are abundant in active substances that will detoxify the kidneys and remove all surplus waste which is causing the formation of the stones.

The Importance of Having Healthy Kidneys

As many of you who are reading this article probably already know, the kidneys are excretory organs which have the role of filtering toxins from the blood and removing them through urine.

This is a pivotal function for the overall body detoxification and health. When there is too much waste in the kidneys, the risk of kidney stones increases. What are kidney stones? These are firm pieces created by substances found in the urine. They can have the size of a grain of sand to the size of a pearl!

The stones are made of minerals and proteins which were held up in the kidneys. They can cause obstructions in the urinary tract and hence, are very painful and uncomfortable.

In severe cases, there may be need of surgical intervention to remove the stones. In other cases, dissolving the stones naturally is crucial. This is where the ginger and turmeric tea can be of aid!

DIY Turmeric & Ginger Tea Recipe

This amazing infusion of ginger and turmeric has long been used to relieve kidney-related illnesses. Ginger and turmeric are well-known for their capacity to minimize swelling, but also to encourage the dissolving of kidney stones.

You will need:

A one-inch ginger root

A tsp of turmeric powder

½ liter of water

A tbsp of honey, organic

Preparation: Pour the water in a pot and bring it boil. Once it reaches boiling point, add it into a pitcher with the ginger and turmeric. Cover for 10 minutes and then strain the content through a strainer into a cup. Sweeten it with honey. Drink while warm.

Use: Drink a cup every day on an empty stomach.

Important to Note:

Patients diagnosed with liver disease must not drink this tea, as well as those with gastritis, ulcers, and IBS.

Make sure you consult your physician before you start with this therapy if you are taking a specific medication therapy because of possible contraindications.