Clean Your Ears Easy & Naturally with Ear Candles

Earwax blockage caused by surplus wax in the ear is usually treated at the doctor’s office. However, often times, especially when the buildup is a recurrent issue, your doctor may recommend a specific wax-removal medications.

Proponents of alternative medicine also recommend using ear candling- a technique based on using a lighted, hollow, and cone-shaped candle into the ear with the purpose to eliminate the earwax.

How does this technique work? The theory is that the flame’s heat forms a vacuum seal and causes the earwax to attach onto the candle which is later removed.

How Does Ear Candling Work?

These tubes are made from beeswax and natural tissues and it is lighted from one end. The other end is put into the ear and helps make the deposit of wax softer.

In addition to helping with surplus wax, it may also induce relaxation, regulate the ear pressure, reduce buzzing and ringing in the ears, and alleviate migraines, sinusitis, and rhinitis.

How to Perform Ear Candling Safely & Properly?

The best way to perform ear candling is to have another person place it in your ear. Lie on the side and have the person place the protective disc which is used to prevent the ashes from falling.

Then, the adequate part needs to be placed in the ear and the other end needs to be lighted. Stay still while the candle burns and hold it vertically. There should be no pain or discomfort felt.

The candle usually goes out on its own once it reaches an inch from the end whereas others have a mark indication. Have a glass of water near you and put it out if it does not go out on its own.

Ear candles can be purchased in some drugstores or online. Make sure to opt for quality ones only and made with natural ingredients.