How To Make Your Own All-Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

Like most people do, you probably also want a bright and healthy smile and white teeth. But, getting your teeth professionally whitened is not necessarily affordable and the over-the-counter whitening creams do not always provide the wanted results.

Plus, these bleaching products are often filled with strong chemicals that can make the teeth more sensitive and even damage the gums and enamel if excessively used.

This being said, it is good to know that there are effective, yet 100 percent natural methods to keep your teeth white and healthy without any need for chemicals or dental treatments.

In today’s article, we will present one such organic teeth whitening powder. The ingredients are easily affordable and the preparation is very simple. Come on; let us check out the recipe together!

DIY Teeth Whitening Powder Recipe


4 tbsp of bentonite clay

3 tbsp of calcium carbonate powder

A tbsp of baking soda

A tbsp of stevia

A few peppermint or spearmint essential oil drops

The preparation: In a 4 oz. glass, add 4 tbsp of bentonite clay. Avoid using metal utensils when working with this clay because the metals can leach into the clay. Use stainless steel or glass. Then, add the calcium carbonate, baking soda, and stevia. Combine everything together with a wooden or stainless steel utensil. Now, add the essential oil and mix once more.

Use: Place a small amount onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you would with regular toothpaste. To prevent cross contamination, use separate jars with the powder for each family member.

Why these Ingredients Help with Teeth Whitening?

  • Bentonite clay is a natural and gentle cleanser which is abundant in minerals that help re-mineralize the teeth. It will provide important nutrients like silica, magnesium, and calcium that will pull out heavy metals and toxins from the teeth and gums. It will leave your teeth whiter and your breath fresher.
  • Calcium carbonate is a mineral present in rocks like marble and limestone and it will help remove stains from teeth without damaging the enamel. Thanks to its scrubbing nature, it will eliminate all plaque and traces of food and drinks. It also contributes to the re-mineralization thanks to its calcium.
  • Baking soda helps eliminate plaque and it will adjust the pH in the mouth and fight off bad bacteria. It also has teeth whitening properties because it can remove stains.




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