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White as never before: DIY All-Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

Like most people do, you probably also want a bright and healthy smile and white teeth. But, getting your teeth professionally whitened is not necessarily affordable and the over-the-counter whitening creams do not always provide the wanted results. Plus, these bleaching products are often filled with strong chemicals that can […]

How to Take a Detox Bath to Remove all Toxins & Parasites from the Body

How To Take A Detox Bath To Flush Out Toxins Naturally

From the aluminum present in store-bought deodorants to the mercury in dental fillings, it appears that we are met by metal toxicity from every possible side! Did you know that heavy metals are also found in industrial and medical waste, beauty products, food, and environmental pollutants and they can be […]

Did You Know that You can Detox Your Body through the Feet?

Did You Know that You can Detox Your Body through the Feet?

According to the Chinese and reflexology system, the feet have powerful energetic areas associated with crucial body organs and systems. This is why you can cleanse the whole body from toxic deposits with a powerful homemade feet detox! Foot Detox Recipe Needed: 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide A tbsp of […]