DIY Black Drawing Salve Perfect for Dealing with Bug Bites, Rashes & Itchy Skin

Drawing salves are folk medicines old as time itself. Some plants and other natural materials have the capacity to help “draw” bad stuff out of the body.

This drawing salve is an amazing thing to have in your cabinet because it can help soothe bites from insects and bugs, rashes, help you remove splinters easily or small pieces of glass, etc. It’s really very versatile!

This salve is an old Amish recipe in which the main compound is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has plenty of health benefits and when combined with the right stuff, its power is additionally strengthened.

Below, check out the recipe.

Powerful Drawing Salve Recipe

You will need:

A tbsp of activated charcoal

A tbsp of bentonite clay

½ cup of carrier oil (grapeseed or olive)

2 tsp of beeswax

25 drops of Lavender essential oil


Mix the oil and the beeswax in the glass bowl. Fill half a pot with water and put it over medium heat.

Perch the glass bowl on top of the pot to get the double boiler effect.

When the water begins to boil, reduce the heat to medium-low.

Mix the ingredients occasionally using a metal spoon until they’re melted and uniform. Remove the bowl from heat and leave it to cool down in the fridge.

You don’t want it to be too hard, but rather semi-solid, similar to the texture of Vaseline.

Add the lavender, bentonite, and charcoal to the mixture and mix with an immersion blender on low until the mixture becomes smooth.

Your drawing salve is ready.

You use it in the following way:

  • You want to speed up the healing and alleviate itchiness and unpleasant sensations on rashes, splinters, bites, etc.
  • Cover it with a bandage to prevent mess because charcoal can lightly stain colored clothes, so be careful.
  • Never wipe it off and reapply after 12 hours.