Suffering from Shortness of Breath or Sleep Apnea? Relieve it with Lemon, Garlic & Honey Blend

Sleep apnea is a condition which stops the breathing for short periods of time while a person is sleeping. As they are not taking sufficient oxygen, the person with this condition begins to gasp for air and wakes up.

Often times, people are unaware that they have stopped breathing and think there is nothing wrong with their sleep cycle. And, sleep apnea may sound like snoring. When not addressed, this health problem can cause other issues and tiredness in the morning.

Some of the main issues include poor immunity, mental health problems, loss of memory, and risk of heart failure.

Some of the major treatments include meds, breathing devices, and surgery. But, there are also specific lifestyle improvements and home remedies that can help you better your quality of sleep and life.

This being said, in today’s article, we will present one potent DIY remedy for sleep apnea sufferers. Try it out and see if it helps!

Lemon, Garlic & Honey DIY Cure for Sleep Apnea

You will need:

5 lemons, with the peel

5 garlic cloves, chopped

½ liter of raw honey

A jar

Preparation: Cut the lemons into pieces first and remove seeds if any. Then, add them to the blender together with the chopped garlic cloves and honey.

Once you get a homogeneous mixture, transfer it into the jar. Close it and keep it in a dark and cool area. From time to time, shake the container.

Use: Consume 4 tsp on a daily basis. Make sure you have one-minute interruptions between spoons. Hold the mixture in your mouth cavity for as long as you can. This mixture will suffice you for approximately one month.

Beneficial Lifestyle Changes for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

  • Keep a healthy weight

People with sleep apnea are often advised to shed surplus weight because this helps keep the airways clear and lower the severity of the symptoms.

  • Do yoga

Yoga can better the oxygen levels thanks to its breathing exercises and this is important if we take into account that sleep apnea is linked with lowered oxygen saturation in the blood.

  • Change your sleep position

According to studies, sleeping on the back can worsen the signs of sleep apnea and elevate snoring and block the airways. Therefore, try sleeping on the side, especially if you are an adult.

  • Try a humidifier

This device boosts the moisture in the air. As dry air can irritate the body and respiratory system, this device can help open up your airways, lower congestion, and better the breathing. For an even better effect, try adding some essential oil to it, for example, peppermint or lavender.

  • Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol

Many sleep apnea sufferers are advised by their doctors to bring their alcohol and cigarette consumption to a minimum to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Alcohol can encourage snoring and trigger airway inflammation. And, tobacco is also known to lead to swelling and inflammation in the airways.




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