Growing Evidence Shows: Eating Fat Does not Make You Fat, but Sugar Does

Often times, we see people avoiding some foods because they are abundant in fat. And, this is because we read a lot of information claiming that fat is no good for us. And, fat is often linked to weight gain.

But, according to newest research, creamy avocado, buttery toast, and a juicy steak have nothing to do with weight gain. And, more and more people are realizing that eating fat can actually be good for us, of course, if we eat the right type of fat.

Low-Fat Diets Are not so Healthy after all

For a long period of time, it was thought that eating fat will contribute to weight gain. And, this mentality has led Americans to follow low-fat diets. However, this has not done a lot to decrease the high rates of obesity. What’s more, research points out that the fat-free diet is not as beneficial as we deem it to be.

Moreover, Aaron Carroll, a professor of paediatrics at the Indian University School of Medicine points out that fat consumption does not lead to weight gain and it may actually help us lose surplus pounds.

Therefore, it is high time we rethink our relationship with foods like salmon, nuts, avocados, butter, and oils. You may want to bring them back to your menu and leave out the sugar-rich foods instead. Namely, according to numerous studies, drinks like sodas and fruit juices abundant in sugar can elevate the risk of death, particularly if you drink two sodas per day.

Sugar Is the Main Culprit for Weight Gain, not Fat

According to a comparison between individuals who followed low-fat diets and those who followed low-carb ones, it was concluded that excessive intake of carbs led to a higher risk of mortality while some types of fat were associated with lower risk of mortality. And, they were not linked with cardiovascular disease mortality.

Research has also shown that a diet which restricts the intake of fat does not help with weight loss nor it betters the health. On the other hand, high-fat diets and low carb intake can aid with loss of weight and improve the health. This is because sugar encourages weight gain and refined carbs are known to break down in our body into sugars and thus, impede weight loss.

This being said, stay away from white bread, bagels, and pancakes if you want to lose weight and better your health. Introduce more fish, avocados, nuts, and quality oils to improve your overall health and encourage shedding of pounds.




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