Researchers Claim: Men with Beards have more Germs than Dogs

According to a recent study, the beards of men have more germs than the fur of dogs. Namely, a team of researchers from the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland, for the purposes of the study, took swabs from beards of 18 men and what they discovered shocked them.

The results showed that each of the beards contained high amounts of bad bacteria. So, if you have a beard, you may rethink it after reading this article!

Men’s Beards Full of Germs

The team wanted to find out if it was hygienic to allow dogs to be in the same MRI machines as humans. So, they compared the beard samples with swabs from necks of 30 dogs.

It was discovered that the bearded men, aged 18 to 76, had high levels of microbes whereas only 23 from the 30 dogs had the same. The remaining 7 dogs had moderate levels. 7 of the men beards had germs that could harm human health.

The researchers explain that the study has shown that men have a higher amount of microbes and human-pathogenic strains than dogs do. Hence, dogs can be considered cleaner than men with beards!

Why Does Beard Collect Germs?

Since beard hair is coarser and curlier, it is more prone to trapping dirt. And, the hair around the mouth and nostrils appears to be the ideal environment for bad bacteria.





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