This Ancient Technology Helps Keep Food Fresh Without Electricity

In hot climates, food cannot maintain its freshness for long. In fact, tomatoes will go off in two days and carrots and okra in four will be rotten. Hence, when we do not protect crops in the right way, we are losing produce.

But, this does not have to happen if you know how to make a zeer pot. This simple and ages-old technology will help you preserve the freshness of the veggies up to 20 days.

This natural fridge is a great way to boost your food production and preservation and to better and ease your daily lives.

This alternative fridge is also great for those who want to reduce their electricity dependency and people who are environmentally conscious and self-sufficient. Luckily for those reading this article, making a zeer pot is very simple.

You just need a couple of things and you are good to go!

How to Make Zeer Pot at Home

This simple, electricity-free fridge can be made with local materials, i.e. earthenware pot and wet sand. This pot is a great alternative for keeping your produce and prolonging their freshness instead of in the fridge where the too cold temperatures can speed up the loss of nutrients.

You cannot use plastic because evaporation happens with only natural materials. Here is the procedure:

  • You will need two big earthenware pots, one should be an inch larger in diameter than the other
  • In the larger pot, put one layer of sand and put the smaller pot in the larger one
  • Pour water onto the sand and cover it with a damp cloth
  • Check the water and cloth on a regular basis- refill it around twice per day
  • The zeer pot needs to be kept in a dry and ventilated area

How to Zeer Pot Works Exactly?

The water in the sand will evaporate and cool the inner pot and what you put inside (veggies, water, fruits or anything else you need to keep cool). Remember, the contents will not be as cold as when you keep them in the fridge, but they will be fresh.

To maintain the evaporation, the sand between the pots needs to be kept moist.