5 Different Types of Massage that Help Soothe Neck & Back Ache

Without doubt, chronic back or neck ache can mess with our day-to-day lives and negatively impact our focus and performance at home and at work.

Even though there are cases when the pain may reduce on its own as the time goes by, ignoring the discomfort and pain can be hard and may cause additional complications.

This is why a lot of people with acute or chronic neck or back pain undergo massage therapy. And, research supports the use of massages to reduce pain, especially short-term.

According to one review study, massage was found to be better at lowering ache and bettering the function in comparison to getting no treatment.

When compared with other therapies, massage was concluded to be better for short- and long-term pain management.

5 Useful Neck & Back Types of Massage

When it comes to soothing neck and back pain, there are several different types of massage available.

The most common type in the US is the Swedish massage or simply known as massage therapy. It is performed with long and smooth strokes using a lotion or some oil and it is considered to be the best start for those who never had a massage.

There is also deep tissue massage which is focused on the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue. This is a suitable option for those struggling with tight or aching muscles, repetitive strain or poor posture.

During this massage, there may be some discomfort felt due to the therapist working on the muscle layers and soreness afterwards. However, this goes away in a couple of days.

Hot stone massage is highly recommendable for those with muscle ache and tension or those who want to relax. It is a massage similar to a Swedish one, but here, the therapist uses heated stones in addition to their hands.

This is a great option to better the blood flow, soothe pain through the heat of the stones, and minimize tension and stress.

Thai massage can be beneficial for those who prefer a more active type of massage and aim to alleviate pain and stress. This therapy is also known to better the blood flow, flexibility, and energy levels.

The therapist applies pressure with the palms and fingers and you may be twisted and stretched into specific poses. Loose and comfy clothes are worn during this massage.

Shiatsu is a popular Japanese massage during which the clothes remain on the patient. The therapist uses finger pressure to specific body points. It helps with back and neck pain by improving the blood flow, relaxing the tense muscles, and relieving anxiety and depression.