Best Natural Methods to Activate Your Lymphatic System & Strengthen Your Immunity

Do you know the importance of having a healthy lymphatic system? Do you know what it does for our health and well-being?

Namely, this system is a complex network of nodes, vessels, glands, and organs filled with fluid and it touches almost every body part.

Though we cannot see it or feel it, it is a crucial system in our bodies. Similar to the mouth, kidneys, and liver, it requires adequate attention to be kept in optimal health.

What Are the Roles of the Lymphatic System?

The primary function of this system is to detoxify toxins and keep us safe from invaders. It carries the body’s waste farther from the tissues and into the blood. It fights off external toxins which enter our bodies from water, food, air, etc. and internal ones from damaged proteins and metabolic waste.

When these toxins go into the blood, they are cleansed through the spleen, the biggest lymphatic tissue in our body. This is our main immunity defence and it fights off infection, maintains a reserve of white and red blood cells, and destroys the worn-out red blood cells.

Through this network, the immunity cells are able to travel and fight off pathogens and avert infections and illnesses.

Therefore, it is crucial to preserve the optimal functioning of the lymphatic system and when this system is strong; our immunity will also be stronger and more resilient.

However, unlike blood, lymph has no pump and it is moved by the relaxation and contraction of the muscles and joints. This system can become stagnant, particularly when there is too much toxic waste.

This could hinder the immunity and trigger diseases, as well as fluid retention, chronic ache, cellulite, and deposits of fat. When the lymphatic system does not work optimally, it may lead to swollen glands and ankles, eczema, arthritis, sinus and ear infections, throat issues, tonsillitis, and colds too.

Luckily, you need not much to keep it going- exercise, water, and raw foods and herbs can be of aid to detoxify it from surplus waste.

5 Best Ways to Detox Your Lymphatic System

  • Massage

A lymphatic massage is a specific type of massage that targets the lymph flow in the body. It is based on specific pressure and circular movements for lymph stimulation and removal of waste and fluid. This massage was found to remove up to 78 percent of stagnant lymph into flow.

  • Herbs

Red clover is a well-known herb for improvement of the lymph flow, as well as cleavers which has been used for centuries for stimulation and drainage of the lymph. Manjistha is also a beneficial herb, common in Ayurveda, for the ability to restore the lymphatic system function. Other beneficial herbs for this purpose are rehmannia and bupleurum, popular in traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Raw foods

Adding raw foods to your diet is an excellent way to maintain the health of the lymphatic system. This is because raw foods are rich in enzymes that can dissolve toxins and encourage the detoxification of the body. Plus, raw foods are alkaline and can neutralize pathogens and reduce the negative impact on the lymph.

  • Yoga

Yoga can help boost the lymph flow, reduce congestion, and stimulate detoxification. Yoga poses that include inversions help drain the lymph towards the heart and increase the filtration and cleansing rate. Twists are too a beneficial yoga poses that include the twisting of the abdomen, organs, and muscles, which further helps the lymphatic waste to leave the tissues.

  • Dry brushing

This practice is common in Ayurveda for helping boost the lymphatic flow and blood flow. You just need a clean, dry brush with coarse bristle and to brush towards the heart gently. This will stimulate your sweat glands, open up your pores, and help remove dead skin cells.





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