Grandma’s Simple Soil Recipe Saves Hundreds of Dollars

In order to have a successful garden, we need to have good soil that will enable successful container growth. This is the staple of a good garden. Selecting the right potting mix for the plants we want to grow plays a major role in whether they will thrive well or no. This being said, today, we will present the best soil recipe.

Unfortunately, bad soil can lead to non-productive and weak plants which will require additional work to be maintained.

Plus, they will be more prone to different types of pest issues. The ideal potting mixture depends on several factors and nowadays, there are various premade pot mixes you can purchase.

However, you can also make your own potting soil! Every recipe has its “secret”, same as Italian grandmothers have their own unique ways of making tomato sauce.

Potting Soil Explained

Potting soil doesn’t actually have real soil- in fact, it’s a soilless mixture of ingredients used for plant growth. Whether rooting cuttings, starting seeds or potting up houseplants, potting soil is an important growing medium.

A quality potting soil is better draining than average garden soil, it’s more lightweight than garden soil, and it’s consistent and easy to handle.

Commercial vs. DIY Potting Mixes

The premade mixes are a good way to provide water retention, aeration, and nutrients; however, not every of these potting mixes are the same.

The inexpensive types should be avoided because they probably come from some old and tired soil from lands that have been over farmed.

This means they’re low in nutrients and full of pesticides and herbicide residues. Opt for organic potting soil mixes from trusted brands and vendors or, make your own!

When you make your own potting soil, you know all the ingredients you put in and thus, ensure it’s really organic soil!

The Best DIY Potting Soil

Even though making your own soil mixture means more work, it can definitely be gratifying and beneficial. A quality, homemade potting mixture has sand, peat moss, sterile garden loam and other needed additives.

For a classic, soil-based mix, you will need:

1 part peat moss or mature compost

1 part garden loam

1 part builder’s sand or perlite

What about Fertilizers?

Peat-based potting soils should be enriched with a fertilizer because they lack nutrients for optimal growth.

To make a natural fertilizer, you need mined minerals, animal by-products, plant materials or manures. Avoid the ones made from synthetic chemicals!

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