If Your Pet Loves Slippers, You Can Now Buy them Giant Shoe-Like Bed

Dogs are our best friends so it is fair that we treat them as such, right? And, what better treatment that an extra comfy and extra stylish treat from time to time. For example, a giant shoe bed for those dogs (and cats!) who love to get into your slippers?!

Whether it is its birthday or you just them to feel great, this bed is a great option! Even though we don’t know the exact reason why dogs and cats, especially dogs, like to get into our slippers so much, we love how cute they look (even though they can ruin our shoes!).

With this dog bed, you’ll no longer worry about your slippers and shoes being destroyed, half-eaten, and full of pet hair!

Comfiest Dog Bed ever?

The bed, a product by Sasquatch Pet Beds, is the ideal product which will satisfy your pet’s “cravings” for your slippers.

The giant size shoe-like bed is the best spot for your furry best friend to curl up during a nap. And, they are odor-resistant and come with a removable fleece lining. This eases the cleaning and it doesn’t release bad odor.

You can find the bed on Amazon and what’s great is that there are three different colors to choose from, i.e. yellow, beige, and pink. Shaped like the popular crocs, they’re an interesting addition to your house, for sure!

However, if you want your pet to have this extra comfy bed, you may need to spend a bit more- the yellow option costs $59.79, the pink for $70.27, and the beige for $249.73.

Nonetheless, if you’re the type of person who tends to gift their pets, look no further! This is such a great bed and you will enjoy seeing how comfy your dog/cat feels while lying in their new bed.

Important to Note:

According to the company, this bed is however suitable for small to medium dogs/cats; therefore, if you have the cutest St. Bernard or a Great Dane, this may not be the best fit for them.





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