New Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon And It Is Healthier Than Kale

According to researchers from the Hatfield Marine Science Center at the Oregon State University, they’ve made and patented a new seaweed type which may become commercially available as the newest superfood.

According to the scientists, this weed tastes the same as bacon! This delicious, yet odd creation is a new strain of red marine algae which is called dulse. It’s rich in nutrients like protein and minerals and reminds of red lettuce in appearance.

Revolutionary Bacon-like Seaweed

Dulse grows in the wild in the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines and it’s collected, dried, and sold as an ingredient for cooking and a supplement. This superfood has twice the nutritional value of kale, another popular superfood.

The scientists have created this particular variety which can be farmed and thus, open up a potential for a new industry in Oregon.

The group of scientists started looking at ways of farming this new dulse strain to feed abalone; however, they soon discovered its huge potential for the human-food market.

The chief researcher, Chris Langdon explains that when fried, this seaweed tastes like bacon, not seaweed, and it has a quite strong flavor.

The team even received a grant from the Oregon Department of Agriculture to continue the research of dulse as a special crop. For this purpose, they’re collaborating with the university’s Food Innovation Center in Portland, as well as some chefs, to discover ways in which dulse may be used as main ingredient.

How Long to Wait for Bacon-like Tasty Seaweed?

For now, there’s no operation which grows dulse for human consumption in the US; however, the scientists are confident that this seafood will become very popular, mostly because it really has a similar taste to bacon and because it’s so healthy and good for us.





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