Public Punching Bags Installed On Manhattan Streets To Help People Vent Their Frustrations

A design studio from the US has placed several public punching bags throughout Manhattan to help New Yorkers release stress publically and motivate them to look for healthier stress management techniques.

This initiative of the Don’t Take This the Wrong Way group that is based in Savannah, Georgia is also part of the New York City Design Week 2019.

Stress & Anxiety: Major Issues for Americans

According to a poll by Gallup, Americans are among the most stressed people worldwide. Unfortunately, chronic stress is a major contributor to serious health issues so finding healthy coping mechanisms is pivotal, especially if we take into account how common stress has become for us today.

The group points out that these punching bags have a motivating goal- they should motivate stressed out people to search for healthier methods of coping and release stress properly.

Living in New York can become really stressful because of the high costs of living, crazy drivers, and the huge number of people walking on the streets fast. But, stress is not just a common problem for New Yorkers- stress is a global issue and this is why it needs to be taken seriously.

The team behind this creation hopes that their public project will motivate people to find healthy methods for managing their problems. People who have tried out the bags are already loving it and believe it will better people’s state of mind.

You can find a lot of photos of the punching bags and different comments on Instagram.

So, if you are near the streets of Manhattan and feel overstressed or anxious, head out to the areas where these bags are and do some punching. You can’t miss them because they have a bright yellow color and are installed in visible and high-traffic areas.




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