This Woman Was Bedridden for 35 Years due to Toxic Black Mold

Unfortunately, this woman was constantly sick and in and out of bed for 35 years as a result of toxic black mold. The 37-year-old Dana Anhalt suffered from excessive pain and allergies and was diagnosed with some serious illnesses, but without any suspicion about the underlying reasons.

Namely, the York writer was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2016; however, despite getting treatment, her health deteriorated. How did she find out that the cause for her poor health was black mold?

Dana Was Slowly Being Poisoned

The first signs developed when her family noticed an unpleasant smell from the basement and soon enough, they found out that their home was infested with black mold which is toxic.

Dana said that she was slowly being poisoned for the last 37 years from the inside out. As a child, she got sick very often, including sinus infections, migraines, hormonal issues, and GI symptoms.

After the passing of her mother, she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but none of the treatments worked for her.

By the year of 2011, she was almost completely bedbound. By 2012, she had serious muscle and joint ache to that extent that she vomited from the intensity. She was trapped inside a body that was going through something, but no one could find what it was.

After discovering that black mold was poisoning her for years, the doctors advised her to leave her house without her possessions. Her family opened up a Go Fund Me page to raise money because she was without her belongings. This was devastating, but she needed to search for a new apartment.

Moreover, the experts explain that her pain and growing inflammation happened as a result of the genetic defects that prevented the immunity from recognizing and fighting off the mold substances.

She hopes that sharing her experience will help others who’re also struggling with complex medical issues. She adds that it was tempting to give up at specific times; however, she did her best because of her loved ones.

The Dangers of Toxic Black Mold

A lot of homes are full of mold, according to the CDC. However, the most common reported side effect is hay fever-like allergies.

For most people, it is not common to develop serious health issues from black mold unless they already have respiratory or immunological illnesses. In this case, they may be prone to more severe side effects such as lung infection.

This being said, everyone should take routine measures to avert mold growth in their homes. Some of them are installing ventilation in high-humidity areas of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.