32-Year Old Man Treated Epilepsy with Cannabis as a Teen & Is Now a Wealthy Cannabis Entrepreneur

When he was 14, Joshua Haupt woke up one day in the ambulance. Instead of being at school, he was at the hospital because of experiencing seizure at the breakfast table. He was diagnosed with epilepsy, but is now living seizure-free life because he treated epilepsy with the help of cannabis.

Now, he’s a wealthy cannabis entrepreneur who’s worth millions. He lives in Denver and made a fortune after selling his cannabis guidebook company, Pono Publications and Success Nutrients- a marijuana nutrient line, to consulting firm Medicine Man Technologies for 7 million shares.

He personally has 4.4 million shares in the consulting firm or around 9 million dollars. He also has two cannabis growing facilities in Colorado.

Joshua Haupt’s Early Days

In his late teens and early 20s, he started to grow cannabis because he used it to avert the seizures. In his place of living, Colorado, medical cannabis has been legal for epilepsy since 2000.

He was focused on finding a natural cure for his seizures after experiencing the unwanted effects of his meds like hair loss and weight gain.

But, at that period, marijuana was quite the taboo and everything back then was done behind closed doors. But, he wasn’t as worried about the stigma as he was about his health.

At the age of 22, he realized that he can’t any longer deal with these side effects, especially the possible liver failure and other complications from these meds.

The Passion for Cannabis Cultivation Grew

Haupt was growing up with a major gardening passion and so his family gave him the ability to care for their garden.

From there, he also developed a natural knack for cannabis cultivation. He claims his growing methods help bring three times more cannabis than that of the average grower.

This method can be found in his $500 guidebook titled Three a Light. This title is a reference of the three pounds of marijuana per grow light used indoor to encourage photosynthesis.

While he was writing this guidebook, he also created a nutrient line for cannabis cultivation known as Success Nutrients.

Successful Entrepreneur & Cannabis Enthusiast

Today, the chief revenue officer of Medicine Man Technology and a 32-year-old father of two is living a life free of seizures and treated epilepsy using this plant.

At the age of 24, he started using CBD instead of the meds. And, in 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a prescribed medication with CBD for two rare and serious forms of epilepsy.

He believes there’s been major progress in the last decade in our society. In the past, everyone thought he’s using cannabis for epilepsy, a type of home remedy which isn’t probably going to work and that he’ll need his meds anyway.

But, after 10 years, things have changed a lot. Now, people are telling him ‘sorry for every doubting you’.   





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