Home Remedies to Help with Tuberculosis Symptoms

Tuberculosis is an infectious illness which is triggered by bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In most cases, it affects the lungs, even though it may influence other body parts too. It’s air-transmitted during an infected person’s cough, sneeze, or through some other types of germ spreading.

Nowadays, according to alternative research, there are beneficial ways to reduce the symptoms’ strength and help increase the control of the body over the disease. The medical illness for this disease is long and difficult and it includes antibiotics and it involves a high risk of potential complications.

In addition to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, tuberculosis patients can also try some of the best home remedies to help the recovery process. Below, check out the most commonly used natural remedies for tuberculosis.

8 Helpful Natural Remedies for Tuberculosis

  • Water

Simple, yet highly transformative, water can be an excellent natural remedy for tuberculosis. According to research, it’s best to consume up to 2 liters per day and to drink water not only when we’re not thirsty, but throughout the whole day.

When we drink enough water, we lower tiredness and cough and can help tuberculosis patients feel better and prevent dehydration.

  • Oranges

During tuberculosis, it’s the lungs that suffer the most and there’s a high risk of serious respiratory problems.

Oranges can be helpful because their compounds and minerals may help stimulate lung health and lower the risk of infections. Plus, this fruit is great for the immunity.

  • Garlic

Garlic is one of the most praised plants in the world and regularly used as a natural remedy, not just as a popular addition to meals. And, it’s considered beneficial for tuberculosis.

Namely, the sulfuric acid in garlic helps in the fight against a bacterium known as Mycobacterim Tuberculosis. There are also other compounds in it that help slow down the growth of bad bacteria. Eat it raw or cook it with some water or milk.

  • Green tea

To help treat tuberculosis, it’s important to strengthen the immunity and make it strong enough to fight off germs and infections. This is where green tea can help you- the polyphenols in it can help destroy the Mycobacterim Tuberculosis bacterium.

  • Coconut

Did you know that a cup of coconut water on a daily basis can help lower the body heat and fight off high temperature linked with tuberculosis? What’s more, it’s also rich in crucial nutrients that supply the body with the needed energy to fight off tuberculosis.

  • Bananas

Being rich in vitamins and calcium, banana can help strengthen the immunity of tuberculosis patients. Plus, it can help lower the coughing and fever and reduce nighttime sweating.

  • Walnuts

Stronger immunity is pivotal for tuberculosis patients. Walnuts can help you achieve this- feel free to crush them and combine them with some butter and garlic. Consume it on a regular basis.

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes are abundant in vitamins and other nutrients that can be of aid for the treatment of tuberculosis.