Soothing DIY Anti-Cough Drops with Honey & Essential Oils

Easy to make, effective, and all-natural, these homemade anti-cough drops can be the much-needed relief we all need during a cold or the flu.

Unlike commercial drops which often contain a lot of added sugar or some other chemicals, these drops are a totally different story-they’re all natural and you control the ingredients.

You will soothe and nourish your throat with these anti-cough drops that taste good and are free of chemicals. Honey, the star of the recipe, is long been used for soothing a sore and painful throat.

They also contain some other, pretty amazing ingredients which you can learn more about in the recipe shown below.

DIY Anti-Cough Drops with Essential Oils

You will need the following ingredients:

¾ cup of honey

½ cup of boiling water

3 bags of herbal tea, your preference

8 drops of your favorite essential oils

A candy thermometer

A small pot with a thick bottom

Wax paper


Steep the tea in the boiling water for 20 minutes. Then, mix the tea with the essential oils and honey. Now, place them in the pot and bring it to heating. Don’t stir. Heat the drops to 300 degrees and then place the content into desired molds and mix them now.

Wait for the drops to cool down and then wrap them in wax paper. To ensure they last longer, keep them in an airtight container in the fridge.

Important to Note

  • Before trying new ingredients, perform a small test first
  • Add the essential oils after heating the honey; otherwise, heating them will diminish their healing benefits
  • Consult your physician in case you have a chronic disease
  • Consume them only to control cough, not as regular candy






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