Jon Stewart Turns His 45-Acre Farm into an Animal Safe Haven

Jon Stewart isn’t just one of the most popular TV show hosts and comedians of our time, but he’s also a hero of animals. Together with his wife, Tracey, they turned a 45-acre farm into a sanctuary for rescued and abused animals.

The approval did take some time to be processed and finally, their motivation to help those in need was recognized by the community.

Helping Those in Need

For the two animal lovers, it’s all good and positive now and they even have the first residents, i.e. two piglets named Maybelle and Anna.

They were rescued from a pig factory when they fell off a cargo loader during a transfer. They also have two goats, one bull, a lot of other pigs, but other animals too.

The couple adores animals and Tracey has also written a book on animals called Do unto Animals: a Friendly Guide to How Animals Liver & How We Can Make their Lives Better.

The book’s focused on showing how we can live respectfully with animals like dogs, goats, and even spiders.

Real Animal Lovers

Tracey is also a vegan whereas her husband has recently started following a vegetarian diet. So, when it comes to their children, they presented them with all the options and allowed them to make their own decisions about what they want or don’t want to eat.

After retiring from the popular The Daily Show, Jon is mostly dedicated to caring and saving abused and neglected animals. For now, their farm isn’t yet open for the public.

However, if you want to keep up with the farm life there, follow the Daily Squeal where Tracey regularly posts images of the rescued animals.




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