Farmers Use Flame-Throwing Tractors to Remove Pests & Weeds

This new innovation in the farming world has caught the internet’s eye-tractors with flame throwers used by farmers for the removal of pests and weeds.

Indeed, modern farmers have had a difficult time growing sufficient amounts of food with the constant attack from chemicals and pesticides so this method may be the long awaited solution.

This method, known as the flame weeding, definitely brings agriculture to a whole new level. Don’t you think so?

How Do Tractors Have Flame Throwers?

Indeed, there’s a lot more with this practice than what it meets the eyes- it’s not just lighting a field on fire and hoping for the best outcome. As seen on the video, this method is based on a lot of precision and even a minor error can be catastrophic.

The equipment used is acquired from companies like Flame Engineering that specialize in making such machines.

On the company’s website, flame weeding is explained as a slow kill- in essence, the cell structure in the plant’s leaf is being destroyed. Hence, the weed won’t put energy in photosynthesis and consequently, it will begin to die off.

And, these flame-throwing tractors also destroys the roots, even those of higher weeds. The stunning effect is visible within several days, depending on the root system and the length of the plant’s exposure to heat.

Opposed Views on the Method

The surreal results have been praised by a lot of people on the internet who’ve seen it and lot of farmers. Many claim that corporate farming will help remove pesticides entirely one day.

However, this method isn’t accepted by all- a lot of farmers and agricultural experts have questioned its efficiency and wondering if there’s sufficient data to support its recognition and adoption.

Aina Tolulope, agricultural consultant, says she doesn’t quite understand how this method will help with armyworm and whether it will be used prior or after the infestation.

She reminds that armyworm begin impacting crops around 2 weeks after the planting and  wants to know if this method won’t also burn off the crop from the whole farm.

All in all, if flame throwers will make the top list with other popular modern farming methods today remains to be seen.

Before heading out, don’t forget to check out the video below and witness this “wonder”:





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