Milkmen Return as Millennials Bid to Cut Plastic Waste

Milkmen and milkwomen are coming back in London after millenials started using glass milk bottles in the effort to reduce plastic waste.

Younger customers, amidst the growing concerns over the immense plastic waste and the problems it’s been causing, are looking for glass bottles of milk rather than plastic ones.

Dairies throughout the UK have been experiencing an increase in the demand for glass bottles since 2018. According to the companies, younger costumers and families willing to pay more are doing this to help the environment.

And, there are reports of resurgence in doorstep deliveries of milk in glass bottles in the UK.

According to the milk industry, doorstep deliveries make 3 percent of the total milk sale in the UK, which is approximately a million pints on a daily basis.

Youth Is Doing Efforts to Help the Environment

Depot manager of Parker Dairies Paul Lough stated that the recent interest in glass bottles has been phenomenal. And, he also added that their dairy that has 25 electric milk floats covering the east of London, the West End got 283 new customers in 2018.

Of the new calls, 95 percent are for milk in glass bottles. The dairy company has also experienced a 4 percent increase in their sales with additional 1800 pints sold on a weekly basis.

He believes this is the result of a new interest to regenerate the East End since the Olympics. Namely, he notes how people are more environmentally woken up and thus, are asking for glass bottles.

Plus, younger customers are being attracted by the company- they have managed to expand their product line to satisfy new demographic.

They also do sourdough and honey and sell 250 loaves per week to these new customers.

The UK Company Milk & More claims they’ve gained more than 2,500 new customers in 2018 or the equivalent of 5 new milk rounds. Moreover, around 90 percent of these consumers are ordering in glass bottles.

The company was purchased by dairy giant Muller from Dairy Crest in 2016 and pledged to save doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles and improve the service.

Dairy Crest had planned to close the dairy and review Milk & More due to the decline in milk deliveries and thus, remove glass bottles entirely. However, Muller wanted to reverse these plans and expend the Milk & More.

According to Ian Beardwell, milkman who’s been doing the same round in Wimbledon for Hanworth Dairy for amazing 27 years, he used to have 550 calls before, but, in 4 weeks, he got 35 to 40 other calls.

Glass Bottles Do Have a Future

For Patrick Muller, managing director of Milk & More, glass bottles are an exciting product and they certainly have a future. He also believes that milkman and milkwoman tradition have amazing elements that are vital now.

They’re a great presence for pre-breakfast delivery and offer amazing products, including ones locally sourced.

He adds that they need to make them important for today’s consumers. Their new ones are aged around 35 years and come from young families with double income.

Indeed, customers enjoy the experience of the new glass bottles and recall childhood memories, but also want to help their environment in the reduction of plastic waste.





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