If You’re Constantly Seeing Repeating Numbers, It’s not a Coincidence: This Is What it Means

Have you been seeing repeating numbers like 1:11 or 2:22? Have you been wondering what this could mean and whether it actually means something? Have you thought it’s nothing more than a coincidence?

Believe it or not, there’s much more to seeing repeating numbers than you think- it’s a message of synchronicity from higher beings. Some experts believe this is a sign of a divine presence we’re unable to see with our eyes.

Synchronicity: What Message You’re Receiving?

According to experts, the most potent number is 11, particularly in its binary, that is, 11:11. So, when you’re constantly seeing it on the clock, it means your cellular memory store is being activated.

Namely, your memory is being stimulated to remind you of a thing you’ve probably forgotten. Seeing this number frequently is a message from divine forces that you’re headed on the right path and that you’re aligned with the Greater Reality.

The Greater Reality is a thought to be a divine intervention and an intersection between the physical world and the realms of higher realities. When you see this synchronicity, stop for a second and make a wish or ask for something you want.

Close your eyes and focus on you. Get into a meditation-like state and feel the connection of everything around you.

I’m Seeing 11:11 all the Time? What’s Happening?

Those who’re constantly seeing 11:11, they’re ready to feel unconditional love and to transcend duality and become one. They can feel that they’re alive and conscious, right here and right now.

But, the discoveries you’ll learn may not be in the form of concepts or words- you’ll simply feel it. Master numbers like 11 have a distinct meaning and each of these numbers is a step of a different initiation level in the spiritual journey we’re going through on Earth.

The number 11 is asking you to build a new structure in your life- to create the one you’ve been long dreaming of and that you’re meant to live.





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