Italian Bars Are Using Pasta Straws Called Stroodles instead of Plastic Ones

In the world of plastic waste, air pollution, and climate change, Italians are putting in a lot of effort to contribute in the fight against overuse of plastic.

Namely, some bars in Italia have kicked out plastic straws from use and are giving their customers noodles to drink their beverages. Some of the bars are giving straws from pasta, produced by a company called Stroodles from London.

Stroodles are selling flavourless and biodegradable bucatini-like pasta straws and helping bars become more environmentally responsible. Plus, these straws are also vegan and suitable for any type of drink, except with warm beverages.

Stroodles: A New, Better World Free of Plastics?

The company’s goal with the pasta straws is to inspire the rest of the world and show it’s very easy to do some good, in this case, with one Stroodle at a time.

With their straws, there’s no need of changing behaviours or compromising our drinking experiences. Plus, they’re very affordable- you can have a box of these straws (12 of them) for more than $4 whereas you should spare $15.85 for 100 of them.

What Happens after Using a Stroodle?

Stroodles decompose overnight without you having to do something- this is much shorter than the breakdown time needed for a paper straw that may require up to 2 months, explains a spokesman of the company.

But, if you’re using them, make sure you don’t use them with warm drinks- they may burn your tongue. Use them with cold ones only.

The debate on straws took a whole new level when McDonald’s decided to remove the plastic straws from their UK and Ireland restaurants. However, they couldn’t be recycled so they were thrown away with regular garbage.

Unfortunately, the single-use plastic hasn’t been dropping- 500 million plastic straws are used in the US on a daily basis, says Eco Cycle, one of the biggest non-profit recyclers in the country.





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