After Being Killed on Screen 23 Times, Actor Sean Bean Rejects Roles where He Is Supposed to Die

If you’re a movie and TV series fan, you surely know Sean Bean- the actor who dies almost in every role.

 He was Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, Boromir in the Lord of Rings, and Alec in Golden Eye. And, the list doesn’t end there- in total, he was killed on screen 23 times.

But, now, he’s decided to reject any other roles that will require to die on screen.

Sean Bean no longer Wants to Die on Screen

In an interview with The Sun, the 60-year-old popular actor claimed he had refused roles in which his character is supposed to die. He also said that he needed to put an end to death on screen and start surviving; otherwise, his roles became too predictable for the audience.

He recalls that during one acting job, he was told by the director that he was going to die on screen and he was like ‘Oh, no’ so they asked him if they could injure him very badly to which he agreed, as long as he stayed alive this time.

The Hollywood actor stated that he had played a long list of villains which were awesome; however, they weren’t fulfilling for him and plus, he always end up dying.

Bean didn’t just have enough of getting roles that need to die on screen, but his fans were also tired of seeing this happen. As a result, they even started the viral #dontkillseanbean campaign back in 2014.

His last death on screen was with the role of Ned Stark in 2011 when he was beheaded. So, the actor didn’t have any deaths on screen for 8 years now. Will he continue in this manner remains to be seen!





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