Man Grieves the Loss of His Dog & Adopts every Animal in the Shelter

Steven Grieg is a man from Colorado who loves animals and has always opened up the doors of his home for them.

He grew up with several pets and so, when he started living alone, he also took in animals in need.

Usually, he took care of 3 to 4 dogs at a time. Now, he lives in a large estate where there’s so much free space for his numerous furry friends to enjoy.

However, after the passing of one of his dogs, he was having a very difficult time; so, he decided to do something in the honor of his beloved pet.

He went into the local shelter and asked the employees to show him the least adoptable dogs as he wanted to give them a second chance.

Grieg Takes in Several Animals from the Shelter

The avid animal lover adopted a 12-year-old Chihuahua called Eeyore that had 4 bad knees and a heart murmur. But, this was only the first- he now has several senior dogs in his home, as well as other animals, including 2 pigeons and 2 ducks.

Believe it or not, he’s also adopted a pig called Bikini which his friend could no longer take care of. The little pig blended in very well and bonded well with his Irish wolfhound named Enoch.

He also took in a bunny rabbit that was roaming in his front yard. The bunny is now getting along well with all the remaining animals in his home.

He Has a Special Place in His Heart for Senior Dogs

Steve explains that he genuinely enjoys taking in senior dogs- they’re low-energy animals with a great attitude. They’re wiser and they know who they are; so, it’s very easy to establish a good connection with a pet (and person) who knows who they are.

Soon enough, he also opened up an Instagram page where he ‘shows off’ his ‘gang’. The page gained a lot of followers in a short amount of time and now, that number is 800,000!

He is very satisfied that their followers are enjoying seeing photos of the gang in action. However, his other goal is to show people that adopting senior dogs can be awesome.

For him, it’s very fulfilling that they’re happy, loved, and properly taken care of. He feels his days are worthwhile taking care of them.

Want to become a follower of this amazing and diverse gang? No worries- check out their Instagram page here!





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