Tennis Player Roger Federer Provides Schooling And Food For A Million Children

The popular tennis star Roger Federer doesn’t just excel in tennis, but is also an active philanthropist who works alongside Bill Gates and others to help provide education for all children and help those impacted by natural disasters.

This year, the Swiss-born player was named highest-paying athlete in the world by Forbes and took the 5th place. This year, he earned $7.4 million through his winnings, as well as $86 million from endorsement deals.

His total net worth is estimated to be around $360 million. Together with his wife and four children, the tennis player lives near a Swiss lake in a quiet area.

And, he’s never been known as the selfish keep-it-all-to-myself guy. On the contrary, he has helped so many people through his non-profit organization Roger Federer Foundation and has given a lot of his money to charities.

Helping Children Is Pivotal

Even though he helps others too, his main focus through this foundation is to better the education for children in areas with limited access to it.

In the last 15 years, he’s opened up numerous schools worldwide, including Malawi, Southern Africa where he has helped build more than 50 preschools.

In one of his visits to the schools around Malawi, he said that he’s very happy and emotional that he is seeing such a quality preschool here; for him, this is extraordinary.

Back in 2015, the player’s foundation stated that they’re hoping to feed and teach million kids by the year of 2018. And, though it seemed as the quite incredible goal, they made it happen.

CEO Janine Handel says that this wasn’t easy to achieve and all of the people from the organization put in a lot of effort and determination.

One million children, Handel noted, will now have the opportunity to go to kindergarten, preschool, school…

Millions of children will have better chances of making a good life, getting a good job, and putting an end to poverty. For the organization, empowering people to educate themselves is fundamental to ceasing poverty.

And, it’s been proven that education helps us become better citizens, being better equipped to dealing with problems, and having bigger chances of managing our lives.

Federer’s Impressive Tennis Success

Did you know that Federer has 20 Grand Slam singles titles, which is the most by a male player in the history of tennis?

What’s more, he has helped the top spot in ATP rankings for 310 weeks. Plus, he’s the sole person who’s won the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award 4 times.




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