The Gluten Free Rice That Detoxes Your Body And Improves Digestion

Black rice is definitely making its way back to people’s menus because more of its amazing health benefits are being discovered. So, if you want to follow a healthy diet and give your body good nourishment, you definitely need this rice!

It originates from China and many also refer to it as the forbidden rice. It contains bran and endosperm that are usually eliminated during the processing of white, basmati, and yellow and red types of rice.

The bran and endosperm are rich in fiber and protein, as well as great antioxidants that have the power to decrease the bad cholesterol and balance the blood sugar.

Black Rice vs. Other Types of Rice

Black rice is rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins that have been associated with improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of cancer, lower inflammation, and better memory.

A tbsp of this rice contains about the same or higher amount of these antioxidants than that in blueberries. So, you should definitely make place for it in your diet. Below, check out some of the beneficial nutrients this type of rice has to offer…

Nutritive Profile of Black Rice

  • Iron

Black rice is abundant in iron and it’s highly recommendable for people who follow a plant-based diet and worry about whether they’re getting enough iron or not. Iron is an essential nutrient for red blood cell production, energy expenditure, and good digestion.

  • Protein

One cup of black rice will supply you with 8.5 grams of protein and thus, it’s very good for those who need to increase their satiety and lower cravings. Protein is an essential nutrient which participates in numerous bodily processes and so we need to prevent deficiencies.

Other Benefits of Black Rice

  • It tastes so good

Believe it or not, this rice is much more flavorful than white rice. Its flavor is naturally sweet, but it’s not overly high in sugar. The fibers from it will help slow down the starch release from the rice and thus, prevent blood sugar spikes.

  • Inexpensive

You can find black rice in superstores like Walmart and Target, as well as at Asian markets. Always opt for plain black rice only because some rice blends may often contain lower amounts of black rice.

  • Easy to make

Black rice is easy and simple to make, just like you can cook other type of rice. Our favorite recipes are black rice with ginger and coconut and crunchy black rice salad.