After 20 Years of Celebrating Christmas Alone, this Senior’s Reaction to a Surprise Brought People to Tears

Without doubt, holiday season is amazing because we get to spend some extra time with the people we love the most; however, not everyone is lucky to have a family and good friends.

Unfortunately, for the 78-year-old Terrence from Oldham, England, every Christmas day for the past 20 years, he had no one to celebrate it with, until this December.

When his mother was still alive, Terrence spent the season with her. He would bring her a hot meal and presents and he remembers her saying that ‘she wouldn’t have anything for Christmas if it weren’t for him’.

Emotional Surprise for Senior Terrence

As a volunteer with Age UK, an organization helping elderly find care and support, he became good friends with a woman named Nancy who has dementia.

However, though they planned on celebrating together, Terence still had no decorations or other people to fill in the holiday season with love. But, everything changed when the crew of BBC Breakfast came in.

After giving an interview for a story, Terrence was promised by anchor Dan Walker that he would bring the Christmas spirit to him.

And, so he did.

Only days later, Dan came back, but this time, he wasn’t alone. He brought in students from Oldham College who brought Terrence a Christmas tree which they decorated while the senior watched them in delight, but also in shock.

The surprises didn’t stop there- there was a student choir waiting for Terrence outside and when he showed up on the door, they sang his favorite song ‘Silent Night’.

The man was overcome with emotions and couldn’t hold back his tears and joy.

Celebrating Christmas Surrounded by Good People

Terrence received even more attention after BBC shared his story with the public.

A lot of people wanted to help this man feel less lonely this Christmas, including the singer John Barrowman who actually invited Terrence to one of his shows.

On the day of the show, the singer introduced Terrence to the audience and asked them to take their phones and shine their lights for the next song he was going to perform: Silent Night.

Who will you reach out to and make their Christmas full with love and kindness?





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