Local Teacher Uses Popular Music & Dancing to Teach Science to Her Students

A middle school teacher from Texas uses one of the most unique ways to keep her students’ focus and attention while giving lessons from science.

Rather than cracking books and memorizing formulas, students from the 6th grade class of the teacher Lea McFarthing learn science in the most amazing way- through singing and dancing.

McFarthing claims that if the children can learn the lyrics to Cardi B songs, they can certainly learn about kinetic energy through music. She teaches at the IDEA Harvey E. Najim School in San Antonio.

How Does Dancing & Singing during Science Class Works?

When it comes to learning through music and dance, the students are quite eager. Their teacher decided to get outside of the box to be able to connect with the children better, after she took over as science teacher in September this year.

The aspiring teacher claims her goal is to make things more fun for her students. She’s also discussed this approach with some of the parents and many of them said that their children talk about science all the time since she became their teacher.

She’s even sent links from songs she uses during the lessons to the students’ parents so that they can do the same at home if they want to.

But, McFarthing doesn’t just use popular music as a method of learning-she also challenges her students to make their own music.

Nyla Ellis who’s 11 and one of the students in McFarthing’s class says that she thought to herself that she likes rapping, she likes science, so why not put them together!

Bigger Love for the ‘Unknown’ World of Science

In McFarthing’s class, the students are no longer afraid by science. According to the teacher, the singing and dancing learning methods have helped them get better test scores.

The Principal of the school, Theresa Hall has noticed this significant improvement.

She says that it all worked out well after employing this successful teacher and since she came in their school, children are talking about science all the time.

They also love going to class and everything is full of happiness. How amazing it would be if this atmosphere is felt during every class in school, right?





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