This Norfolk Doctor Allows Patients to Pay for Surgery by Volunteering

According to a new study, 66.5 percent of all bankruptcies are linked with medical problems because of the high cost linked with care.

Driven by this data, a doctor from Nebraska decided to create a program in his practice which helps the patients in need who’re lacking funds to pay for their surgery.

Special Program Allows Patients to Pay for Surgery by Volunteering

The program named M25 is part of the doctor’s organization Healing Hands of Nebraska. Dr. Demetrio J. Aguila III hopes it will be of aid for at-risk patients to prevent financial problems when trying to solve their health issues.

He stated that he’s been doing surgery for his patients for years and also taking care of their numerous health problems.

Months later, he would find out that he’s somehow led or contributed to some of his patients’ financial ruin.

Aguila is now an US Air Force veteran. He claims he decided to implement this program in order be able to look himself in the mirror and know that he’s taking proper care of his patients.

He specializes in peripheral nerve surgery that includes acute nerve injuries, nerve sheath tumors, and entrapment neuropathies.

It’s a practice of surgeons with several backgrounds and expertise in neurological, plastic, orthopedic, and reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to the Healing Hands of Nebraska, patients have three options to pay for their surgery. The organization says that the M25 program is their favorite one.

How Does the M25 Program Help Patients in Need?

When partnering with charities, the organization helps offer care for patients without them having to pay with actual money.

Through the M25 program, the patients can invest in their healthcare by donating their time and energy to some of their partnering charities.

For now, they’ve had several volunteers that qualify for the program and their work is helping them spread their mission.

The doctor explains that the patients need to complete the cost of the surgery in work hours before the surgery. If they’re not capable of doing this, they can have someone else do it for them.

For example, as noted on the website of the organization, if a patient needs surgery on the left ulnar nerve and the insurance fee is $5,000, the patient would need to donate 250 hours of community service.

Aguila also explained that they’ve removed a lot of administrative hassle which’s not uncommon in healthcare. They want their M25 program to be fair for everyone and everyone to be able to benefit from it.



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