Successful Young Businessman from Switzerland Quits Job & Sells everything to Go & Save Lions in South Africa

Very often, many of us who’re working a 9-to-5 job think of what it would be like if we’re to quit our jobs, sell everything we have, and travel the world, doing what we really love.

For Dean Schneider, these types of thoughts became his reality. He was once a successful financial planner in Switzerland; however, his immense love for animals took over and so he decided to end his career in finance and pursue what he really loves.

Unlike other children who’re spending their free time on video games, Dean spent most of his young life being amazed by animals and watching all kinds of documentaries about them.

As he was growing up, he was regularly donating to wildlife causes; but, soon enough, he realized that he wanted to do more. And so he did.

Dean Schneider: The Man Who Left His Comfortable Life to Go Live with Lions

One day, the young man decided to quit his job and sell everything he had. He then used the money to move to South Africa.

There, he set up a club which he named Hakuna Mipaka whose goal is to promote awareness and progress in wildlife conservation. He wants to build a higher appreciation for the animal kingdom.

His club now spreads on more than 400 hectares and part of this land is housing people who’re born into disastrous situations.

The rest of the land is intended for the wildlife recues, including lions, zebras, impalas, baboons, and hyenas to roam free.

He also employed guards to ensure poachers stay out of the property and don’t hunt the animals.

Even though it does become stressful and difficult at times, Dean is doing his best because he believes that we only protect what we love.

He’s taken it upon himself to help others learn that there are so many things we should love about wildlife.

Change of Scenery, Change of Life

This new job that Dean is showing us every day on his Instagram page is so much different from the days when he worked in an office back in his home country.

And, the young animal lover seems to have found his bliss- he’s enjoying every bit with the animals and is also trying to bring a positive change in the world.

To learn more about his club, check out the website of Hakuna Mipaka or hop on to his Instagram and check out the adorable videos and photos of Dean cuddling and hugging with wildlife animals.





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