Robin Williams Always Asked Film Companies To Hire Homeless People If They Wanted To Sign Him

Even though it’s been 6 years since we lost him, the stories about Robin Williams don’t cease to amaze us. He was without doubt a person with great humor and a big heart.

A story about Robin’s requirements to become a part of a movie is one of our personal favorites and it’s so different to what we usually expect from Hollywood actors.

In fact, many celebrity actors and actresses are known for their outrageous demands. Just to name a few- Lady Gaga’s puffy pink pubic hair and Mariah Carey’s supply of vitamin water for dog bathing.

Even though his requests weren’t easy ones, they were more humane than the common materialistic ones and worth remembering.

Recalling Robin Williams’s Demands for Production Companies

Brian Lord recalls receiving a list from the office of the actor after he asked if he’s available for an event.  An actor’s rider makes a list is one with the specific personal and technical needs of the celebrity to be hosted for an event.

His demands were that for every event or movie he did, the company had to allow him to hire several homeless people and give them a job opportunity.

Lord writes that he never watched a movie with Robin Williams in the same way after learning about this. He claims he’s sure that the actor used a lot of his time and his own money to help people in need.

However, he had also used his job to ensure production companies and event planners value homeless people more and give them a chance to succeed.

Some Are Surprised, but Some Aren’t

Brian’s story was a positive knowledge about the actor; however, for some, it wasn’t surprising, especially the ones who knew him personally.

For example, Ricky Gervais recalls working with Williams and how he tried to make everyone there happy. He says that he once did a benefit gig with him and there were a lot of new comedians no one knew about.

However, Williams spent the entire night watching them and laughing louder than anyone else in the room- people were blown away by his kindness.

Despite struggling with depression, the actor was a legend who did his best to make those around him happier.

In a moving tribute from Ben Stiller to Robin Williams, he emphasizes the late actor’s immense generosity and kindness.

Stiller emphasized how kind Williams was to anyone he connected with. But, he was also funny all the time. He would do something as long as it would make a person smile.

He mentioned the numerous film crews who laughed out loud because of Williams. For Stiller, he was an extraordinary man and an extraordinary actor.





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