Genius Mother or What: She Added Cockroaches on Her Son’s Back because He Refused to Shower

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to convince your children to take a shower. What’s more, children seem to have some aversion to bathing that’s even stronger than that of the average housecat.

They tend to scream from a tiny drop of shampoo and it’s not easy for you to help them stay clean and improve their hygiene.

But, this mother didn’t allow this to prevent her from teaching her child why showering matters. Her story became known to the public after she shared it on Facebook.

She ‘confessed’ to using digital manipulation to add cockroaches on a photo of her son sleeping. Here’s why she did this…

Mother Uses Photoshop to Put Cockroaches on a Photo of Her Son

The altered photo was shared on the Facebook page Mommie Mania back in 2019, August. Since then, it’s been shared on different pages multiple times.

On the photo, we can see a little boy lying down with his back facing the camera. We also see a bunch of photoshopped cockroaches throughout his body to appear as if they’re crawling onto him.

The mother wrote this caption ‘he didn’t want to take a bath, so I took a picture while he was sleeping and edited with cockroaches. Now, he takes a bath 10 times a day’.

Once it was shared, the image caught a lot of attention and collected more than 60000 likes and had more than 28000 comments.

Even though a lot of them appreciated this quite sneaky tactic, others were not so impressed.

What Did the Users Think about this Mother’s Move?

One user wrote that ‘this is horrible! Why would anyone do this to a child? Yes, hygiene is necessary, but mental health is equally important.

Plus, studies show that children exposed to a myriad of germs can build a stronger immune system. This is more like Despicable Mon of Boys!!!’

However, another user totally agreed with this mother’s move and wrote ‘when my son was around 6, he wasn’t very good at brushing his teeth.

We watched the Grinch and he had bugs crawling in his teeth and I said if you don’t brush yours, you’ll get bugs like the Grinch! He brushed all the time after that!’

What about you? Would you do this or a similar tactic? Have you ever done something like this to encourage your children to do something?

If you have, don’t forget to share it in our comment section!




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