This Mom Struggles to Buy a Slice of Cake for Her Child, so a Woman Did This

No one is without struggles in their lives, whether it’s our mental or physical health, our finances, etc. And, some people have it harder than others; however, they fight every day to survive.

Sometimes, people can be really selfish or lack empathy, but other times, they can be the most wonderful human beings. For this woman who struggled, another one who appeared did the most beautiful thing.

While shopping in a supermarket, Bianca Garibay noticed that a young mother had a hard time paying for a slice of cake she wanted for her son’s birthday.

Bianca knew she had to do something.

Woman Can’t Afford to Pay for a Slice of Cake, another One Steps In

Bianca was waiting in a queue at a supermarket in Texas and saw this young mom who couldn’t afford to buy one slice of cake.

She had a baby and a young boy with her. The slice of cake came with a pack of candles and the total cost was around $6.

But, the woman didn’t have that sum- she looked in her wallet and had $2 and started counting the change she got. Her older boy told her ‘it’s okay mom, I don’t need a birthday cake. We just need gas so I can get to school’.

Bianca recalls how the woman seemed crashed and put back the candles. Even though everyone in the queue heard what’s going on, no one did a thing.

Bianca then grabbed a pack of candles, one Target gift card, and a gas gift card and rushed after the mother and her two children.

Bianca Thought of Her Own Mother

Watching the situation reminded Bianca of her own mother who also struggled in the past when she was raising her and her brother, but never allowed it to show and kept her children protected.

She felt inspired by this memory and rushed after the mother and said to her ‘madam, you’ve dropped something’.

But, the young mother told her it wasn’t hers to which Bianca replied ‘yes, it’s yours. It’s yours because I got it for you. I want you take it and get your son a birthday cake, put gas in your car, and make a wish’.

After this beautiful and emotional moment, Bianca gave the young mom her phone number and told her she can call her whenever she needs something.

Bianca Receives a Moving Message

After a while, Bianca got a message from the young woman. It was the most moving message you’ll ever read. Here’s what it said:

‘Hi, this is Anita from HEB I wanted to txt you as soon as I could borrow my neighbor phone jst to tell you what you did for me and my son today will stay with me forever.

We’re going through a tough time and I wanted to do all I could for his b-day but we’re struggling.

God was with us today and I want you to know my son was so excited he told his teacher that a pretty girl bought him stuff for his b-day. I will pray that God always watches over u, thank u again.’

Bianca said that kindness to her is putting others before yourself and making the smallest gestures to make the biggest influence on a person’s life. Kindness for her is saying, I’m here for you, even if you feel alone’.

What’s kindness for you? Would you do the same for someone if you could? Do you help people in need?




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