This Mother Proudly Claims that Cannabis Helps Her Be a Better Mother

This mother of two says that smoking cannabis helped her become a better parent and a better wife. Caitlin Fladager is a social media influencer who’s been smoking weed for the last 9 months as a way to lower her anxiousness.

The 25-year-old married mother of two from Abbotsford, British Columbia consumes weed after her children, one at the age of 4 and one at the age of 6, go to sleep.

But, recently, she’s been criticized for her choices and she decided to address her audience on Instagram.

Mother ‘Defends’ Weed in an Instagram Post

Fladager shared a photo of herself smoking a joint and captioned it ‘yes I have two kids. Yes, I smoke weed daily’.

She also added that it’s funny to her that marijuana is still frowned upon. However, she asks why no one looks twice when a mother says she enjoys a glass of wine after her children go to bed.

But, when a mother says she smokes cannabis, everyone is so shocked.

With the aim to share awareness, she talked about how cannabis helps her be a better parent. She claims that she’s never been patient with her two children.

This is where weed helps her as she’s able to have a good night sleep after smoking. In the morning, she says that she wakes up energized and with a clear mind.  

She also explained that she previously dealt with high levels of anxiety. But, when she started smoking weed, she reduced her alcohol and medication dependence. She also improved her weight after she was seriously underweight.

She proudly said in her post that marijuana is her glass of wine and her can of beer. It’s the time when she relaxes. And, she said that one ‘can be a kickass mom and smoke weed’.

Fladager Is an Open Supporter of Cannabis

In Canada, recreational cannabis has been legal as of 2018.

Fladager claims she talks about her cannabis consumption openly and even recommends it to people when they say they’re stressed.

However, though younger parents don’t have an issue with this, others tell her that she has a drug issue and that cannabis is a getaway drug.

Marriage Improves after Fladager Starts Smoking Weed

According to Fladager, a marijuana enthusiast, her 5-year-marriage bettered after she became a regular cannabis user.

She also notes that she and her husband, who had their first child when he was 19 and she was 17, argue less today.

She says she’s a better wife since she’s happier and doesn’t pick up fights as she used to do before.





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