If this Doesn’t Motivate You to Hit the Gym, We Don’t Know what Will: 91-Year-Old Caught Working Out in Overalls & Goes Viral

Let’s be honest- though we’re well aware about the importance of regular exercise and all of its perks, sometimes, we’re just too lazy to hit the gym.

This Is THE Scariest Thing About Ge...
This Is THE Scariest Thing About Getting Older...

We find different excuses like we’re too busy, gym memberships are expensive, etc. but we all need to do better, right?

So, if you’ve been also lacking the motivation to start exercising, after you see this unusual gym member, you’ll definitely think differently!

Namely, a 91-year-old man Lloyd Black joined the Anytime Fitness gym in Semmes, Alabama in 2019 after he was having a hard time finishing simple chores in his home.

His hope was to strengthen his body and alleviate pain in the body in specific areas.

A Diligent Gym Member & an Inspiration for all

For a period of one year, Black diligently visited the gym three times per week.

But, he didn’t have the usual workout clothing we see people wearing in gyms- he found overalls to be more comfortable and warm.

But, this didn’t set him back from achieving his goals.

When Black decided to join the gym for the first time, the gym manager Ashley Seaman recalls how he couldn’t last 10 minutes on the treadmill.

However, today, this amazing senior can effortlessly breathe smoothly through 30 minutes of treadmill.

The grandpa is now focused on weightlifting and improving his heart health. When he’s not exercising, he’s helping other senior members to get the gist of things!

Seaman explains that Black is a friendly person who’s one of their elderly members. They recently named him ‘Member of the Month’ as a way of praising his wonderful progress.

They wrote on their social media pages that he is a real inspiration and motivation for everyone in the gym, not just those who come to work out, but the staff too.

They added that he brightens their day and that they hope to have him many more years to come.

Black Becomes the Most Popular Gym Member

After photos of Black exercising in his overalls on the gym machines appeared online, his story went viral. People are praising him for being a positive role model and realizing what really matters in life-our health.

Seaman explains that Black is the perfect example that age is nothing more than a number and there’s no such thing as ‘too late’ for the gym.