If You Love to Sit Cross-Legged, this Is the Ideal Chair for You

Soul Seat is a company from the US which has recently launched the ideal chair for people who love to sit in front of a desk with their legs crossed.

The chair has a platform and a perch and allows the person to sit comfortably while their legs are crossed.

The designer of the chair, Pack Matthews, says he got frustrated with the pain he felt from traditional chairs and how they limited the sitting positions while working in front of a computer.

So, he decided to do something about it. Would you sit on a chair like this?

Unique Chair for People Who Love to Sit Cross-Legged

According to the company’s website, Matthews he worked with people from different fields in order to make this one-of-a-kind chair design. The chair is also registered it in the US Patent Office.

The chair doesn’t just make cross-legged sitting comfier, but it also helps you in other ways.

Namely, the company claims it helps improve your posture because it will tilt your pelvis forward, open up your hips, and align your spine in a comfy and neutral pose.

Matthews practiced yoga so he says that he made the chair with yogis in mind as a target group.

This chair is based on the fundamental idea of sitting comfy on a floor. Therefore, it features no arms or back support.

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How much Does It Cost?

According to one Twitter user who purchased the chair, if you love to sit like this, this is the ideal choice.

However, if you want this chair, you need to spend a bit more from your budget, that is, $875 whereas the more luxurious version with wooden legs costs $1200.

Soul Seat, a Company Dedicated to Comfort

Pack Matthews, who’s also the founder of the company, worked with physical therapists, yoga instructors, fine woodworkers, and industrial engineers while making the Soul Seat.

After he used it for several months, he felt comfier while sitting.

The goal of the company is to design movement into daily work, even if computers reduce our physical activity.

They also make floor desks that help computer engineers remain active even after hours of coding.

Their furniture is ideal for the student, the accountant, the videographer.