This Company Can Set Up Specialized Beehives in Your Living Room to Reconnect You with Nature & Save Bees

Unfortunately, though they’re pivotal for our eco system, bees are declining because of numerous factors, including habitat loss and modern industrial farming.

Bees are essential because they pollinate a large amount of plants that we use for food.

In the US only, more than 100 crops are bee-pollinated and every one out of three bites of our food has been pollinated by these insects.

However, today, unlike back in the 50s when there were 6 million beehives, there are only 2.5 million.

And, averagely speaking, one out of three colonies is lost on a yearly basis. But, there is hope such as this company that’s dedicated to help prevent this decline.

Thanks to their products, you can become a hobbyist beekeeper regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment.

BEEcosystem Created Mountable Beehives for Living Rooms

The company designed mountable observation hives which you can install on your walls.

The goal is to help educate people about bees and to encourage growing local beekeeping.

They want to motivate people to learn how to live with this vital insect and inspire important talks about the role of domesticated honeybees and other native pollinators in the ecological and agricultural systems.

And, you needn’t worry about anything- the hives are designed in a way to avert any bees escaping. You can also install them outdoors in your garden if you prefer to.

You can sit in the comfort of your own home and watch bees make honeycomb and beeswax.

Inviting these essential insects into urban spaces where they can thrive is pivotal for their survival.

A Great Design of an Urban Beehive

This contemporary beehive can be installed in almost any structure, including rooftops or high rise apartments.

They’re hexagonally-shaped and can be connected one to another to help expand your colony of bees.

Made from strong wood, the hives are resistant to breaking; however, it’s vital to mount them on studs rather than drywall as the bees can become heavy when they’re filled with honey and beeswax.

The bees come from outside into these hives through secure tubes which you can install on any window. The tube fits into a precut hole in the window comprised of durable insulating foam block which can be cut to fit into sliding windows.

The price of one hexagonal hive is $599 and the price of two is $1099. The company also provides other important beekeeping tools for your indoor beehive system like the starter kit, replacement bars, etc.

Without doubt, it would be amazing to sit on our sofas and proudly watch our bees growing, producing, and thriving, wouldn’t it?

Interested in these mountable beehives and want to learn more? Make sure you check out the company’s website where you can learn all the other important information!