Why Are Nurses in Wuhan, China, the Epicenter of the Coronavirus, Shaving their Heads?

Some medical nurses who’re working at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China have taken a very extreme measure in an effort to better their efficiency- they’re shaving their heads.

Why are they doing this exactly?

In the last couple of days, there’ve been videos circling on social media showing nurses cutting their hairs in order to be able to put on hazmat suits faster while working.

Nurse Ding Danyi, 26, said that she kept her hair long for some time and that she refused to cut it even a bit.

However, because of work, she decided to get rid of it entirely.

Medical Staff in China Is Doing their Best in the Management of the Virus

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in late December, medical staff in Wuhan has used social media to show how the immense care for thousands of patients has influenced these people.

Many medics shared images of their marks and bruises because of the facial protective gear which they have to wear all the time and others have shown medical workers resorting to adult diapers while working because there’s not even time to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, more than 60,000 individuals have the virus worldwide and 1730 have died. Most of the infections have happened in China, but there are cases confirmed in other parts of the world.

A video that was shared by the People’s Daily, the biggest newspaper in China, shows the nurses from the Shaanxi province shaving their heads before they head to Wuhan.

Having no hair significantly eases the putting on and taking off of hazmat suits.

Medical Staff Is under a lot of Pressure

There’s huge physical and emotional pressure medical staff is experience- some doctors have been seen passing out as they struggle to help all the people infected.

A medical staffer has died from heart attack after working for 10 days without a break.

Candice Qin, a therapist from Beijing said that it’s a strain for every nurse and doctor in Wuhan, both physically and emotionally.

She further added they understand the concerns of patients, but we should also remember that medical staff is humans too.

We thank them for their service!





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