Vegan Takeover: 10 Fast Food Chains Offering Vegan Meals

Even though fast food is deemed as the unhealthiest choice for our health, a lot of people like to indulge themselves in a burger and fries from time to time.

And, this is a normal thing. The important thing is to eat these foods sporadically and focus more on whole foods more.

In a lot of cases, fast foods chains are practically inevitable- for example, when we’re on the road, when we’re out with friends, when we’re busy and don’t have the time to make food, etc.

But, today, fast food chains offer healthier choices and believe it or not, vegan choices so that their plant-based customers can also enjoy.

With the reduction of meat and dairy consumption and the increase of people going plant-based, a lot of fast food chains realized the need of implementing vegan options to their menus.

If you’ve decided to out, but you’re not sure what you could choose that would be plant-based, check out our list below.

10 Vegan Meals at Fast Food Chains

  • Burger King

In Burger King Restaurants, you can find several vegan meal options.

There are fries made with 100 percent vegetable oil, as well as vegan Dutch apple pie, hash browns, oatmeal with milk instead of water or a Whopper Jr. that can easily be made vegan.

Opt for the bun not the biscuit or croissant and leave out the meat and mayonnaise.

  • Wendy’s

At Wendy’s restaurants, there are also various plant-based options.

For example, the Asian cashew chicken salad, the veggie sandwich, the apple pecan chicken salad or the Frywich.

For a dressing, you can opt for the spicy Asian chili vinaigrette or the light balsamic vinaigrette. You can also find natural-cut fries made with vegan oil or the garden side salad.

  • Taco Bell

Indeed, this chain has upped their game when it comes to vegetarian and vegan options.

They have a fully vegetarian meal and these options can easily be veganized. For example, you use beans instead of meat.

If you say fresco style to the cashier, they’ll know right away that you want to replace the cheese, ranch sauce, and sour cream with pico de gallo.

Other great vegan choices are their cinnamon twist and Mexican rice.

  • Papa John’s

This pizza joint now offers vegan pizzas too. They work with the Bute Island Foods to get their dairy-free cheese that you can use as topping on vegan pizzas.

There are several vegan pizza options, including the vegan cheese and tomato, the gardy party with vegan cheese, and the hot pepper passion with vegan cheese.

There are several side options that are plant-based like the garlic dipping sauce, the pizza sauce and wedges like the spicy vegan cheese wedge.

  • Noodles &  Company

This fast food noodle dispensary is proudly offering vegan options for their vegan customers.

There are some great choices like the Japanese Pan Noodles, their spaghetti with marinara or their pasta fresco without cheese.

Other vegetarian options they offer can easily be made vegan- for example, you can order the spicy chipotle adobo without the chicken, pork, and cream or choose aThai green curry without the shrimp.

  • Kona Grill

In this popular sushi joint, you can find some great vegan friendly choices like the avocado roll, seaweed salad, house salad, roasted asparagus salad, oriental salad, pan- Asian noodles, baby bok Choy, seasonal veggies, and white rice.

  • White Castle

Today, this fast food chain is much vegan friendlier than it was before.

Therefore, you can choose a veggie slider made from veggies, vegan French fries, and apple sauce.

There’s the plain or sweet Thai sauce that’s also plant-based.

  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

You can opt for the cinnamon sugar, original, raisin or sweet almond flavors if you want to eat a vegan pretzel at Auntie Anne’s.

Make sure you remind the worker not to use butter. In terms of dip, you can go with the marinara one or the sweet glaze dip.

  • Del Taco

Del Taco is one of the several fast food chains that have added Beyond Meat to their menus.

You can choose the Beyond Tacos made with 100 percent plant-based protein or the Beyond Avocado Tacos.

There are also the vegetarian Beyond Tacos. When you want to veganize your meal, choose for a Beyond meat instead of other proteins.

  • Baskin Robbins

This chain has recently added a plant-based menu with several great vegan choices.

They have non-dairy chocolate chip cookie dough and non-dairy chocolate extreme.

They’re not just dairy-free, but also vegan because of the coconut oil and almond butter blend.




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