This Skydiver Got Hungry while 2000 Feet in the Air, She Gets a Pizza Delivery

The 25-year-old McKenna Knipe is an actress and model and she also has another passion-skydiving. Lately, she did something unusual while 2000 feet up in the air.  

She jumped from 13,000 feet a Skydive City in Tampa, Florida and completed her first Canopy Relative Work jump and her 300th skydive.

This is a type of jump where the skydivers hang onto other skydiver’s parachutes. It’s been around for years and considered by some to be a form of art.

It’s a serious discipline which demands for skills and experience.

Knipe Gets a Pizza Delivered in Midair

Knipe didn’t just do the jump on her birthday, but she also had one of the divers- Brian Stempin deliver her a box with pizza from Domino’s!

Even though Knipe may not be the first person who ate while skydiving, this is definitely something you can see every day!

We’re sure that this was the most delicious pizza she ever had!

Knipe is also known for her skydiving food reviews and she had this idea of being delivered a pizza up in the air for some time now.

It was her friends Charlie Mather and Anthony Zerbonia who chose the Domino’s pizza for Knipe. Brian also debriefed Knipe on safety before the jump.

Definitely, this is some of the most amazing birthday ideas we’ve ever seen!

What about you? Do you like skydiving? Have you tried skydiving?

Would you like to have a pizza delivered up in the air?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!

Before heading out, check out the amazing video of this memorable birthday:




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