Millenials Are Risking their Lives & Booking Cheap Flights amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With air travel becoming increasingly cautious with flights cancelled and quarantines in countries because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some young people are benefitting from the cheaper tickets.

According to 20-year-old Ashley Henkel who decided to book three cheap flights for the summer, she feels like the virus would get even more severe and kill a large number of people so she might as well have fun.

She resides in Central Valley, California and she’s firm not to allow the virus to drive her into quarantine, but rather enable her to travel more.

Henkel Is Looking Forward to Her Planned Trips

Henkel said there’s no fun being home and worrying- she’s also looking forward to the trips she planned and booked for British Columbia, Vancouver, New York, and Portland, Ore.

But, she’s not the only person who capitalizes on tickets whose prices have dropped because of the deadly virus.

Guy Monahan who’s 31 said he’s taking advantage of dropping air ticket prices and scored cheap flights for the 2020 Summer Olympics that will take place in July in Japan.

He was researching and several months ago, the round-trip was thousand dollars and now it’s eight hundred. He hopes that the tickets to the event may also be easier to acquire because of the COVID-19.

He said that even if it gets cancelled, he can still travel to Japan. He also claims he doesn’t think it would affect him too bad.

Fearless Fliers Are Taking Over Social Media

Fearless fliers are also bragging on social media about the excellent deals they’ve booked for themselves thanks to the panic from the COVID-19.

Jack Mulligan who’s 29 and lives in Manchester, England wrote on his Twitter that the virus couldn’t stop him from booking a flight.

He claims he saved more than $350 on a May trip to the Dominican Republic.

For Mulligan, the coronavirus is without doubt something we need to be wary of; however, he doesn’t plan on putting his life on hold because something is happening.

Believe it or not, 27-year-old Capri Nicole said that if she dies, she dies and she’ll miss her family after she saved around $200 on booking a trip from Atlanta to Connecticut to see her grandma for her 71st birthday.

Another person, a master’s student at the Edinburgh University, Omar Hamdoun, booked a flight to Berlin for $77 for what usually is a $180 flight.

The 25-year-old student was already planning to travel to Europe this summer; however, now, he wants to do it more extensively. He claims he’s considering buying two more tickets or even three.

He also added that his friends are taking advantage of the very low prices and claims he’s not afraid from the virus. He said ‘corona couldn’t handle him even if it tried’.




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