Study: Elderberries Block Flu Virus From Attaching To and Entering Human Cells

Elderberries have long been in the limelight because of their stunning health benefits and according to Health Line, they’re one of the most frequently used medicinal plants globally.

Researchers now think that they may’ve found why this berry may be of aid in one particular area, i.e. influenza.

They wanted to find out which of their phytochemicals are capable of fighting against the flu.

To do this, they made berries into juice serums and applied the juice to various cells at distinct stages, before, during, and after they were infected with the flu.

The results amazed them!

What Did the Researchers Discover about Elderberries?

This research helped the scientists find out that phytochemicals were able to prevent the virus from infecting the cells.

But, they were more efficient at doing this at the earlier stages because of blocking the crucial viral proteins that participate in the process of the attaching and entering into host cells of the virus.

One of the researchers explained that this conclusion was quite surprising and pivotal as blocking the viral cycle at several stages will have a better chance of impeding the infection.

They also explained that the serum made from this fruit caused the cells to secrete cytokines or chemical messengers that the immunity uses for cell communication.

This communication helps them improve their response against pathogens, which is another major advantage.

Make Sure You Add Elderberries to Your Diet

Elderberries that grow naturally in North America and Europe are deep purple berries that have to be cooked before consumption as they can be toxic!

Studies have found them rich in numerous health advantages, including protection from harmful UV rays when topically applied and anti-cancer properties.

However, more larger-scale studies with humans are needed to adopt these alternative medicines in conventional medicine.



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