5 Core Exercises Women Should Do after Giving Birth

After giving birth, it’s really joyous to spend time with your little bundle of joy and knowing that the hard part is behind you.

But, then you suddenly check out your belly and see that squishy blob that once was your belly and you wonder ‘what I’m gonna do about you?!’

Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this-these muscles were once your abs, but they were stretched out because you grew a life in you.

And this is perfectly normal, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about it after pregnancy.

Not just for a flat belly, but to strengthen our core. We need to keep a healthy back and we need the ab muscles to be strong for this.

Pregnancy can really put a lot of pressure on the midsection, back, and hip muscles so it’s important to restore their previous glory.

Rebuild your core easily thanks to these easy 5 core after-pregnancy exercises.

5 Awesome Core-Rebuilding Exercises You Should Do after Birth

  • Abdominal Bracing

Start by lying face-up on the floor and brace the belly by contracting the entire area as if you’re going to get a hit in your belly.

Then, perform various movements like raising one or the both arms or extend the legs while your back is flat against the floor.

  • Yoga Boat

Sit on the floor and bend the knees.

Brace the abdomen and begin leaning the torso slightly back and lift the legs off the floor. Lift until the shins are parallel to the floor. Keep the back straight and the hips flexed to 90 degrees.

Extend the arms in front of you and keep balance. Hold at least for 30 seconds and do several reps.

  • Side Planks

Lie on the side with the elbow under the shoulder. Stack the feet and hips and stabilize the core.

Lift the hips off the floor until the body is in a straight line. Stay here for at least 30 seconds.

Then, repeat the same on the other side. Add 10 to 20 leg lifts on each side for increased hip stability and strength.

  • Dolphin Plank

Put the elbows on a stability ball and straighten out the legs behind. Brace the belly and hips and hold the pose for at least 30 seconds.

This is a variation of a standard plank, but with more balancing effort thanks to the need to stabilize the ball.

  • Pelvic Tilt

Lie on the back and bend the knees. Put the feet flat on the floor or prop them on a ball.

Brace the belly and tilt the pelvic back by pressing the lower back flat on the floor. Stay in the pose for 5 minutes before making another rep.




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